Documentation for the public Record360 API

Common Workflows

  1. Call the User Authentication endpoint to login with a username/password and obtain an authentication token. This token must be included in all subsequent requests.

  2. To export Transactions, call the Transaction Index endpoint. Each response will include links to the next/previous pages for easy traversal.

  3. To create a new Transaction, see the Transaction Create endpoint. If the Transaction has associated media, you must call the User Uploads endpoint first to upload the media.

Mobile Integration API

See the Mobile Integration API page for information about building a service to integration with the Record360 Mobile application.


  • All dates/times are represented according to the ISO 8601 standard (e.g. 2016-06-14T21:33:54.000Z)



Resource Description
GET /api/assets Index of all Assets
GET /api/assets/:id Show a particular Asset
GET /api/assets/:id/transactions Index of all Transactions for an Asset
POST /api/assets Find or create an Asset
PATCH /api/assets/:id Update an Asset
PUT /api/assets/:id Update an Asset
DELETE /api/assets/:id Delete an Asset (manager only)


Resource Description
POST /api/devices/:dev_id/log Upload a device debug log

Form templates

Resource Description
GET /api/form_templates List Form Templates
GET /api/form_templates/:id Show a particular FormTemplate (as JSON or PDF)


Resource Description
GET /api/locations Index of all Locations
GET /api/locations/:id Show a particular Location
POST /api/locations Create a new Location (manager only)
PATCH /api/locations/:id Updated an existing Location (manager only)
PUT /api/locations/:id Updated an existing Location (manager only)
DELETE /api/locations/:id Delete a Location (manager only)


Resource Description
GET /api/transactions List Transactions
GET /api/transactions/:id Show a Transaction
POST /api/transactions Create a new Transaction
PATCH /api/transactions/:id Update an existing Transaction
PUT /api/transactions/:id Update an existing Transaction
DELETE /api/transactions/:id Delete a Transaction
GET /api/transactions/:id/forms/:form_id Show a Transaction Form
POST /api/transactions/:id/send_summary_email Sends a Transaction Summary email


Resource Description
POST /api/users/authenticate Authenticate as a particular User
GET /api/users/uploads/:file_id Upload or verify a media file
GET /api/users/uploads/:nonce/:file_id Upload or verify a media file
GET /api/users Index of all Users within a company (manager only)
GET /api/users/:id Show a particular User (manager only for other users)
POST /api/users Create a new User
POST /api/users/one_time_user Create a One-time User (manager only)
PATCH /api/users/:id Update a User (manager only for other users)
PUT /api/users/:id Update a User (manager only for other users)
DELETE /api/users/:id Delete a User (manager only)
POST /api/users/:id/reset_password Reset User Password (manager only)


Resource Description
GET /api/workflows/:id Show a particular Workflow